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I Tri, Therefore I Am...
My bumbling yet willful endevours in triathlon, and life.
Long day 
4th-Jun-2008 09:03 pm
Today, Wednesday, was a long day.  It went as follows:

Up at 4:30am, on the pool deck at 5:30.  This was my first non-clinic swim practice, and I was a tad intimidated going in.  I had picked up all the requisite gear, paddles, pull bouy, kickboard, bag to put them in, etc, and I like gear so this was fun.  Another bag of stuff to tote around, however.  The pool, which is at least 6 lanes, was chock full of bodies.  I announced to the coach, Suzanne, that this was my first time and she got me set up in a lane.  And the workout was underway, each lane a well populated microcosom of the morning's agenda.  Several lanes of 6, a scant 5 at first and then down to 4 in mine.  We swam.  And swam some more.  We used tools for swimming.  And then used them some more.  Most sets were 6xsomething, using something, with some rest in between.  Can't recall those sets but they included paddles, pulling w/ and w/out paddles, and fins.  A little hectic, and a good range of speed in my lane, but it was fun.  A few more practices and I'll have the routine down and can find my place in the pool.  Total workout was 2,500 meters, I was in the water for about 1hr 15mins.  Back home shower, dress, and dog walk.  Then on the road and into the office by 8:30.

5:45pm, at O'Henry middle school track, with a lap length of 364 meters from the outside edge of lane #2.  After some warmup, lap education while jogging, and time wasting patient doddling for good measure, today's main workout went something like this:

1600 @ marathon: 8:33 - recover 1:30
1200 @ 1/2 mar: 6:08 - recover 1:34
800 @ 10k: 3:34 - recover 1:31
400 @ 5k: 1:33 - recover 1:39
200 @ +95%: 0 37 - recover 2:05

1200 @ 1/2 mar: 6:04 - recover 2:15
800 @ 10k: 3:41 - recover 1:39
200 @ +95%: 0 33

Then some attempted cool down (unsuccessful), some core work, then back home at 8pm.  Totaly spent.
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