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I Tri, Therefore I Am...
My bumbling yet willful endevours in triathlon, and life.
getting back to the journal 
29th-Jun-2008 10:08 pm

Coming back to LJ after a brief break, while I worked on getting new training underway.  I enjoy logging entries, so next task is to get that practice back into the mix.  Since it's passed bed time, and swim is at 5:30 in the am, here's a brief recap of June: 41.75 hours

6/2-6/8: 10 hours
Swim: 1.25 hours
Bike: 5 hours
Run: 3 hours
Core/weights: .75 hours

6/9-6/15: 11.75 hours
Swim: 2.5 hours
Bike: 4.5 hours
Run: 3.75 hours
Core/weights: 1 hours

6/16-6/33: 9.5 hours
Swim: 1.75 hours
Bike: 4.25 hours
Run: 2.25 hours
Core/weights: 1.25 hours

6/23-6/29: 10.5 hours
Swim: 2.5 hours
Bike: 4.25 hours
Run: 2.5 hours
Core/weights: 1.25 hours

18 weeks to go. 

30th-Jun-2008 07:42 pm (UTC)
Build, build, back off, build, ... nice!
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