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I Tri, Therefore I Am...
My bumbling yet willful endevours in triathlon, and life.
12th-Jul-2008 12:31 pm

Somehow, I find myself today on a ten days @ 22 hours jag of training...and tomorrow a race: Couples Tri.  Should be interesting - I suppose this is what I'd imagine a "crash" week would be/is like.  Hope to be back on track after next week.

Two firsts in this stretch.

1) Last Wednesday, a timed mile on the 364 meter track to start of the day's workout.  First time for me to run a single mile for time, that I can recall - makes me think the Congress Ave Mile would be fun, I hope to make that happen next year: 5:48.

2) This week, mile repeats...ugh.  Again, haven't done repeats of a mile, that I can recall.  Started off too fast, but successfully stuck to the plan of negative splits all the way down.  You'll notice I figured out about half way through that I'd not be able to come under the last split in the last 364, no more delicate touch ticking down underneath the last split, and therefore began working more in the first half, this also is when things began to really suck.

i)    7:18  Walking recovery: ~4
ii)   7:16  R:~4
iii)  7:07  R:~4
iv)  6:40  R:~4
v)   6:28  R:~4
vi   6:19  R:~4

26th-Jul-2008 07:57 pm (UTC) - you can be my coach after this...
Miah, keeping logging! I'm trying to learn to love the (proper) structure of triathlon training. I'm getting tired of being a hack :-) I look to you for inspiration and guidance.
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