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I Tri, Therefore I Am...
My bumbling yet willful endevours in triathlon, and life.
Couples Tri 
27th-Jul-2008 05:41 pm

Quick Couples tri recap.  This was a fun race, or a race for fun, although I raced on no rest, feeling it particularly on the bike.  Still, it was fun.  First race with the T3 team.  Here’s the low-down:


Swim course was long, I’ve read by as much as 200-300 meters.  This helps me, certainly, because if it was 800 meters as advertised, I did not have a good swim – well a good swim time, anyway.  Otherwise, the swim went pretty well.  A no wetsuit swim, swam with my tri top which worked out just fine.  In past attempts, not being accustomed to selecting articles of clothing that make you feel like a sausage, a too large top would always act as an underwater sail.   For this particular swim, freestyle earned its name “American crawl” because we had to crawl over hydrilla for a good 100 meters on our way out of the lake.  Whatever the distance was, I came out of the water in 18:06, 122 of 829. 


Bike went relatively smoothly, this is where I felt the most fatigue from the preceding days of training.  It’s a familiar course, some rollers and wind, one or two climbs that required some out of the saddle giddie-up.  Numerous people were riding left, with no one on the right side of them.  This was a little frustrating.  11.2 miles in 32:36 @ 20.6mph, 54 of 829. 


Run was probably my best split of the race, considering no rest.  I’m not a fan of running through the park – the way is fraught with crags and crocks and rocks and dust and a quad pounding decent on the back side of the course.  There was also a spot on the course that once around a corner sheltered from the breeze you could feel the air temp shoot up.  Ugh.  Saw many teammates out on the course, ran with some, cheered others on.  This was a solid working effort, but also the most fun part of the race.  3.1 miles in 22:20 @ 7:12, 68 of 829 (as I have not run very many, if any 5ks, I’m marking this as my current 5k PR, I’ll have to run an open one down the road and see how it goes).


Overall time was 1:15:58, good for 55th of 829, and 48th of ?? men.  It’s been since my first year or two of triathlon that I’ve raced a sprint.  This race was a good and fun way to mark progress from those early races, what with knobby tires, voluminous transition supplies, and extra lbs.

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