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I Tri, Therefore I Am...
My bumbling yet willful endevours in triathlon, and life.
Another chunk, done 
27th-Jul-2008 05:51 pm

Endurance Base 1, check.  Just wrapped up a recovery week, feeling good, workouts are going well, feeling more energy overall, beginning to test nutrition, still dialing in workout intensity questions.  Having fun doing it all.  I am spending gobs of money, and missing some things, travel, family, friends, but I'm still very excited about my goal, and about working hard to get there ready to achieve it.  Here's a recap of the last 4 weeks, totaling 53ish hrs:

6/30-7/6: 11.08 hours 
Swim: 1.5 hours
Bike: 4.25 hours
Run: 4.08 hours
Core/weights: 1.25 hours
(not sure where the .08 came from, but I’m counting it!  Oh, I think its from couples tri)

7/7-7/13: 15.25 hours
Swim: 2.25 hours
Bike: 7 hours
Run: 5.25 hours
Core/weights: .75 hours

16.75 hours
Swim: 2.25 hours
Bike: 7.5 hours
Run: 5 hours
Core/weights: 2 hours

7/21-7/27: 10 hours (recovery)
Swim: 2 hours
Bike: 4 hours
Run: 3.25 hours
Core/weights: .75 hours

13 weeks, 6 days.

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