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I Tri, Therefore I Am...
My bumbling yet willful endevours in triathlon, and life.
Lots going on...race, foot injury, etc 
30th-Sep-2008 10:23 pm

Long time, no post.  The going's been dense.  But mostly good going. 

What's the statute of limitations on race reports?  The short of it is as follows: Austin Tri Olympic came and went for me, its a distant memory despite being a short month ago.  That weekend was 20 mile run Friday morning (I remember that the marching band at Austin HS was playing Madonna's Holiday early in the morning - awesome, a good omen for the weekend I believed at the time), and a 60-something ride on Saturday - double bee caves loop and then some, I believe, a little bit of rest on Sunday, and then race on Monday.  The details of the race I'd like to come back to, but overall a very positive experience.  Had no idea what legs I'd have, ended up going 2hrs 20mins, 6th out of 100 in 30-35, 24th out of 715 age groupers, 50th of 759 overall, including elite wave.  PR for the distance, including a PR 10k of 44 mins and change.  Very pleased with this race, felt strong throughout, although it took me awhile to loosten/warm up.  Terrific swim, swam 1:38s - also a PR, bike leg was the toughest to get the legs to respond, run was a steady build to the finish.  Big confidence booster, and a great personal marker for the gains I've been able to achieve through the training I've done in the past year.

Next up, I'm on the mend from a foot injury.  Decended cuboid bone, which causes lateral foot pain.  Culprit is repetitive impact from my super-supinating gait, and running in a shoe that is bad news for supinators like myself...  Straw/camel's back happend on a long run, I fretted for a week, laying off and icing, with only modest improvement, decided to get some treatment, have done so now for three weeks - the doc is employing a pretty aggressive approach given my race timetable.  And it is working - ran 10 this past Sunday with out  pain, during or after.  Very Very Very happy and excited to be feeling better and to be out running again!  But coming back carefully, most important of course to feel good on race day, not more so on any day before. 

Swam the last 4k workout of my program this morning, it was to be continuous and I opted for the shorter-than-crack-laps because I wanted to be able to get a better sense of what pace I'd held for planning purposes.  Happy to see the Marks despite having a slightly divergent plan for the morning.  And this workout pretty much tipifies some sentiments I somtimes care about swimming...first 2k was to be "smooth," second 2k was to be "IM race pace" I read this as race pace effort, and thought it should result in a negative split.  ~400 meter laps were as follows:

7:55 - ~2k in 38:14 @ 1:54/100m
7:02 - ~2k in 36:37 @ 1:49/100m

~4k in just under 1:15 @ 1:52/100m,  So, is this race pace effort business really worth it?  2-4 mins at the cost of a more distinct oxygen deprivation experience...i just don't know.
Anywho, keeping my nose above water, metaphorically speaking.  Getting things in order, pretty soon I'll be putting out a call to you folks for your list ideas...its almost time for the lists.
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