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I Tri, Therefore I Am...
My bumbling yet willful endevours in triathlon, and life.
Recent Entries 
3rd-Jun-2008 09:26 pm - Tuesday
Up at 5, out of bed and running at 5:45.  Did a short 'hood loop, 32 mins,  ~3.5 miles.  Going to make running straight from my apartment work., Parmer, de damned.  

Tried a new route from work to T3's training facility, wrong!  Won't use that route again.  Arrived at 5:40, too late to join the core workout after setting up my bike, despite Jess helping me grab a spot and a traininer.  So after I changed, I hopped on my bike early and added an extra 15 mins of easy warm up to what would be a packed 1hr 20min workout.  Main sets were 3x5, 4, 3, 2, 1 mins as 1st little ring steady, 2nd big ring strong, w/ standing for last portion of interval, 3rd, little ring steady w/ sprint at last portion of interval - all building in gears throughout the workout.  On the bike for ~1hr 35 mins, computer read ~29 miles.  Wow, good stuff.  I like cadence workouts, it seems to be a strength.  I don't like climing workouts, probably means I need to do more of them.  

At the conclusion of the workout, folks began to gather for an info session on upcoming races, Austin tri and Longhorn 70.3, and the associated training program.  atx_tiger came 'round, as did several others from swim clinic.  Sounds like the group will be growing.  If anyone out there is shopping, I believe there's another: Training Plan Orientation - Tues 6/3 or Thurs 6/5 at 7:45 p.m.

Weekly schedule is tentatively planned, at a maximum it will be:

Mon: off
Tues: AM 'hood run; PM core/spin
Wed: AM pool swim; PM track run
Thurs: AM BS swim; PM bike
Fri: AM pool swim; PM gym weights
Weekend: long bike & run

But haven't workout out the big picture details yet, so it's a work in progress...
2nd-Jun-2008 09:39 pm - weekend

Figure this past weekend is a good place to begin again.  

Saturday: Real Ale Ride, picked up marathon friend John for the early morning ride to Blanco.  Nice morning, nice to catch up.  It was warm but still pleasant at the ride start.  As far as distance, I had teetered everywhere and between 85, down to the ultimate choice, 30 miles.  In the end I reasoned that it was a trip for fun, so make it fun and nothing more (hard days hard, easy days easy).  I'm pleased with the decision.  It was a challenging 30, plenty of hills.  But mercifully over in well under 2hrs.  I recorded a new top speed: 49.8 mph.  That was interesting.   Although I certainly enjoy riding with good company, It was nice riding relatively solo for this ride, taking in the sights and sounds.  I love the hill country. 

Saw a big snake in the road.  And a funny group of water stop volunteers taking a photo of themselves before riders began to arrive.  They must have seen little or no riders and had finished setting up just before I rode by, they stood in front of a large monument of deer antlers, all of them in camoflauge t-shirts, every one of them holding large rifles.  They cheered me on as I rolled passed their photo opportunity.  Funny sight.  Marathon friend Ed and his wife Ros, who's tackling the danskin next weekend, and their friend Erica were all present - we toured the brewery and sampled delicious beer.  Paul and Amy, and their friend Dave(id) were also riding.  Got to visit with Amy and Dave for a bit, but only spotted Paul from afar before he headed out to do 85.  All in all a very nice day.  Back home, quick shower then saw Young@heart - great, great film. 

Sunday: 7 mile run starting at the rock, heading north on Exposition up to 35th, looping back down west again to exposition, and back the way I came.  First half was with fellow T3ers, the trip back was solo.  Hills again.  Its been awhile.  A happy run-in with

teambaraka, before I was off on my run, she was just about wrapping her's up. 

Nice weekend.

Now i'm wrestling with weekly schedule options.  I'm a bit flustered, trying to plan trips to and from home (NW) and workout (downtown and W) and office (downtown), all while tending to my apartment bound dog and mascot, Gita.  She's the most low maintenance creature, but planning to get to and from her is proving challenging, arranging associated trips and timing, not to mention the cost.  But it must and will be resolved in relatively short order... 


29th-May-2008 07:11 am - Back at it!

I've been teetering in and out of training for the past week, the week before having been taken completely off.  A couple of workouts just to accompany friends, a couple of trial workouts, all of these here and there.  I've really enjoyed turning my training plan brain off for a bit.  I think I needed it.  

But after seeing nervous faces volunteering at packet-pick up on Saturday, and while out cheering on friends and many more strangers at CapTex on Sunday, feeling inspired by all the effort folks were spending, hunting for their own personal accomplishments, be it to finish a first or to PR (actually both are PRs, aren't they), I told

teambaraka "I'm ready to get going again."  

And so I have.  After much deliberation, I've joined T3 and will be racing in blue this year.  I like blue.

Spin classes have been tough, but not as tough as 6pm track workouts.  Workout journaling will soon resume.




They don't call it Gulf Roast for nothing...but I got it done.   First attempt at 70.3 miles, overall time: 5:48:01

4th-May-2008 02:39 pm - Planning
On Saturday, I'll be participating in my first half-iron distance race, Gulf Coast Triathlon, in Panama City Beach, FL.  I found that over the past week, I am teatering between confidence and fear, or more likely juggling both.  I feel relatively confident that I will finish the race, that I have sufficient endurance and can endure it, but I have some fear that it could go less than well.  I hope to include another half-iron distance race this year so that I can include a time goal.  But for the moment I am am feeling focused and excited about this race, and have been putting together a plan for it given my current level of fitness (which consists of 24 weeks of marathon training, followed by 10 weeks of multi-sport training).  My goals for it are as follows:

1) Finish the race, preferably with a smile.
2) Observe the course (because I'll be back in Nov. for IMFL) and enjoy it.
3) Follow my nutrition plan.
4) Race smart by practicing restraint.

Still working on a strategy to get there...

Met up with Jess on Saturday morning for a shortish brick.  Fun to get a weekend workout in with buds, its been awhile.  We met at the veloway, headed up Escarpment to William Cannon to SW Pkwy, and then back.  We encountered some serious winds, particularly on SW Pkwy, mostly crosswind.  We both practiced getting pushed around.  ~1hr 45mins ride, ~followed by a ~21 min run off the bike.  Good fun.  

This afternoon, got a 45 min run in around the 'hood, ~4.9 miles.  Feeling the accumulation of rest, I think.  Soon time for new shoes, however. 

Now its back to getting organized for the week and weekend to come.  Two self-observations:

1) I think i'm on the cerebral end of the spectrum in terms of the various types of athletes.
2) I think it may be time to shed the "recreational" from my self-given title "recreational triathlete."  Based merely on the time and energy committed to the activity. 

2nd-May-2008 06:48 pm - Lists

Swam this morning.  The fin walkers were present, kicking up the bottom muck.  ~28 mins,  ~1350m

Started putting down the lists for this coming race week...mostly of lists I need to work up and check off:

* race plan
* nutrition plan
* pick race clothing
* post-race/mom plan
* weather contingencies

* itenerary / accomodation confirmation
* clothing
* workouts/workout clothes
* food on the road

* swim list
* bike list
* run list
* packing it all plan

1st-May-2008 08:31 pm - Yooooga so good.

Catch up for the week so far, lots of new stuff!

Monday, day off.

Tuesday morn, fun swim with jess,

teambaraka, and other rogue captex peeps - got to meet shubbe and say hello to deankat.  I followed along with the groups workout for the day and then added an extra lap: ~2200m.  Did all this in my new Xterra Vector Pro X2 sleeveless wetsuit.  Really liked it, love having the arms unencumbered!  Sold my old wetsuit that no longer fit via craigslist to a guy in Florida of all places...got my asking price.  Very, very pleased.  I've been able to sell my canoe, bike, and wetsuit in short order via online p2p sales.  Woohoo!

Tuesday eve, headed out for a ride sporting a borrowed aero helmet - trying to get some road time in before next weekend to get comfortable in the hat.  If I position the hat so the rear foil is actually touching my back, it exposes much more forehead than I'm used to.  I'm not sure how its supposed to rest on the crown of the noggin, but I'll try again this weekend and plan to try somewhere inbetween normal forehead position and touching the back to split the difference.  ~1hr 5mins of riding.

Wednesday morn, got a short run in here in the neighborhood.  ~30 mins, 3.25 miles.  

Wednesday eve, swapped my weight routine for some yoga...felt ohhh so good.  Plan to do this for all my remaining weight sessions leading up to Gulf Coast.  I'm so so far from a yoga expert, but the routine I have I really like: Yoga for Endurance Athletes. Its a single routine, and pretty short - about 30 mins, but it hits all the spots that very regularly get tight from the rigours of tri specific training.  Love it.  

Thursday morn, another little run in the neighborhood.  This week, I've taken to driving across parmer and parking on the curb in a nearby neighborhood.  I've found a route that I like, its pretty much my run off the bike route, and it allows me to shower and dress for work at home instead of the shower at the office.  ~45 mins, 4.8 miles.  

This eve, the bulk of my bike time ended up being mechanical.  I had special ordered the new dual resevoir aero bottle system from Profile Desing, the AquacCell.  It arrived at REI on tuesday, and I put it on quick for my tuesday ride but it did not fit properly and was wiggling all about.  Today, I picked up a bracket to properlly set it up on my aero bars, took about an hour to install....got myself out for a 30 min ride after...a little at least.  Like the bottle, still adjusting to its use.  Much better with the bracket attachement.


27th-Apr-2008 09:49 pm - V: Texas RoundUp; Brick; Sunday run

Volunteered at the the Texas RoundUp on Saturday monring, had several office peeps, many of them non-runners, participating in office wellness activities and wanted to support the cause.  

It was very fun!  Worked that start/finish line - particularlly making sure the national masters timing went well.  Turns out a DPS officer was camped out with his minivan and serveral barricades right in the middle of 11th street in the last few 100 meters of the 10k run.  Drama of the morning: I spotted the problem and had to hustle to fix it after the run was already underway.  Made for some fun excitement.  It was also neat to see the timing judges working the masters finish - national championships cannot be chip timed and must be gun timed and so there was a whole team of timers watching the masters finishers come across.  Very, very fun to help out - everyone should volunteer when they have an opportunity to do so.  

Following the morning responsibilities, headed back to the 'hood to get a brick in.  2hrs ride, also working on staying at an easy, easy effort to build up some resever energy for Gulf Coast.  30 mins run off the bike.  All felt good, my hamstring twinge did not appear, I was relived to discover.  And my eating plan is working well.  Chew, chew, chew.  

Sunday, early Rogue open water swim was cancelled due to weather.  VERY happy to crawl back in bed and get some extra sleep.  Started the morning by heading down the T3 headquarters to try on my new wetsuit - just as

whyiron was surpised to discover, size small-long fit much better than the medium I had previously tried.  After picking it up, I stopped at Anderson and Shoal creek to get my long run in, in part because I was craving an einstein bagels breakfast bagel sandwhich.  Ran an out and back on Shoal Creek, 30 mins out, 30 mins back.  Felt pretty good, had a headwind coming back but still had to add extra on Great Northern to get to 60 mins.  Got my bagel sandwhich and some fruit, and headed back to the house for coffee and nap.

This eve, mustered up for ARC happy hour at NXNW - got to see lots of buds from marathon training, and others who are coming around to the ARC fold.  Good fun.

2 weeks to first half iron distance race...



27th-Apr-2008 09:39 pm - Wed/Thur/Fri
A little catch up on for the weeks work....

Wednesday ran in the AM from BSP - the usual first of the week run, 3.8 miles, 36 mins.  Nice shake out run.  

Wednesday eve was at the gym, definitely felt the aches of the weekends race...want to continue to work to strengthen the hamstrings, as that seems to be an imbalance that could limit performance.  I do feel that my routine at the gym has the potential to develop the appropriate ancillary/stabalizing muscleature and ligament systems for tri specific activity.  There's an intersting article in this months USAT magazine, and it seems to resonate with my routine, so feeling okay about that.  Just need to be consistant. 

Thursday, didn't get a workout in till the eve - to my friend Chuck's lament, it was, again, a simple Parmer Ln. ride - 1hr 15mins, ~22.5 miles - more wind work, the aim for today was to keep things super easy, get the miles in but allow for the collection of some taper induced energy stores.  Variety in riding routine is certainly an interest, but so far I've opted for wind work until I get passed Gulf Coast Half Iron, which is in two weeks....

Friday morning, got in the gym pool at about 6:30, did about 30 mins but didn't count the distance.  Was pretty much just getting some swimming in - not a very focused workout.
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